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43 y/o man
From Nanterre, O-de-Seine, France
Seeking a woman from 37 to 42 years old.
ABOUT MYSELF I am a single parent just looking for that ending to the story we all are searching for. I am the shy guy often unspoken, my friends call me a hopeless but I know what I have felt through life and I know that out there somewhere is that person that has been waiting for me just as I have them for a lifetime. I have a tendancy to romanticize but I guess that comes with being a writer. I dont play games and i am searching for those simple things that make life so wonderful, sunsets and a hand to hold, midnight dances by the fire at the river, the sound of family and children laughing, I could go on and on but I'l save the rest. If you are wondering about a picture let me know I'll send you to my website or send you one. WHO I'M LOOKING FOR I am looking for that person that That when im old I will be sitting on the porch with in our swing holding hands watching the grandchildren playing in the yard, and look over and know that it was good. No games,no drama, just life and all that it can be, laughs and smiles and even though their will always be hard times someone that belives in the long run. I guess in ending someone that loves the small things in life and knows life is what you make of it.

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