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55 y/o man
From Bogotol, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Seeking a woman from 46 to 53 years old.
I am not exactly sure what to write here. I am registered on several sites but have not had much luck as of yet. Perhaps I am trying too hard. jajajajaa.. But anyways, I am a simple man who was not so simple for many years. I have done many many things in life. Have been married twice. Once when I was very young and the marriage lasted only two years and do not blame my first wife for leaving. My second wife ... well that is another story but I will only say at this point that I divorced her six .. almost seven years ago. I am relatively quiet and do not go out much. I work and come home and eat and watch television and sleep only to wake up and do it all over again. Sounds pretty exciting yeah? jajaja... Just living life and trying to make every day a little better. I think for once I do not have an enormous amount of baggage and am ready to invest myself emotionally and in all other ways should the right girl enter my life. I have to believe that dreams do come true and that one day the sun will finally shine brightly in my heart. I really do long to be special in one Lady's heart and to earn her love and respect through the same qualities I shall show her in return. There are many things that I would like to do on my days off.. and in fact .. miss having someone special in my life to come home too. To share all life with even if it is only cleaning the house or doing dishes together.. I have many many stories to tell.. I would need the girl in my life to be open minded as I consider myself to be. I totally understand commitment and am willing to give all I can in all ways to be the sparkle in one special girl's eyes. If you have any interest drop me a line. Ya never know until you opened the book what is inside.

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