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64 y/o man
From Leon, Leon, Spain
Seeking a woman from 58 to 63 years old.
Better then average as I have already lived and experienced much more then most in a lifetime! Have had all the pleasures of raising a family to see them all on thier own in thier own families today and enjoying the benefits of the grand kids. The years of hard physical work have past in raising them now enjoy a less stressfull life and need very little to feel content in life today other then someone to share this time with!! Not into material things as much as family and the things in life you can't buy!! The only real thing missing is that special one in my life to give me new daily goals to strive toward in giving as much of myself as possible, to make her life as fullfilled as possible and to give the meaning she wants in her life!! Looking for that relationship where the two of you can be together not saying a word but many words are spoken thru the feelings and emotions the two of you share. The relationship where each more often then not know what the other wants or are thinking without asking. One where with each and every day you find or see in the other a new reason why they are your best friend!!! Looking for new and exciting interests from you being who you know to be best, " YOU " !!!!!!

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