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65 y/o woman
From Longview, Washington, USA
Seeking a man from 58 to 64 years old.
I'm a very nice person and great to talk with and just be friends. If its gonna go deeper , it will. I am on my own now. My 2 wonderful kids are grown now and on their own. I'm rediscovering who I am and what I like or love about this thing called life. Interesting so far. Found Texas Hold em and I'm really getting a great kick from it. Be nice to meet and mix with others who enjoy the game in some way. I was a very active person all my life and I'm trying to remain active. A few things have come up to slow me down a tad but I'm still alive. LOL I use a cane to walk with now to help with my balance. A deep middle inner ear thing and I can't drive anymore so that limits my getting out and doing things. I'll need to meet people who happen to love to drive. LOL Anyone I meet now should be very happy with who they are and really know who they are inside. Feel open and not holding any past regrets in the way of living now. Its all part of the learning plan.

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