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45 y/o man
From Nandial, Andhra Pradesh, India
Seeking a woman from 30 to 43 years old.
About me: hello, well let me start by saying my name is chad, im 31, im a hopeless romantic and love to do the lil everyday things to heep my partner knowing that i care and that im glad she is a part of my life,i have found my angel and now i know the meaning of true happiness, if you like you can read some of my poetry on my website... name: chad... nicknames: poetrywizard... sex: male... birth date: 11/12/1974(31 years)... zodiac sign: scorpio... birthplace: saranac lake N.Y...till i was 3 months, raised in jacksonville fl. all my life siblings: one younger sis... living: chicopee. m work: lucchesi bros landscaping and tree removal car: 1996 dodge neon blue... hobbies: writing poetry,playing pool,taking long walks in the moonlight,... hair color: brown with blond highlights... eye color:hazel... height: 5'8"... Who I'd like to meet: my match has to be someone that i can talk to about anything, open minded, my best friend as well as a soulmate, someone that i can confide in and someone that will sit and talk out problems instead of yelling and argueing... that solves nothing. someone that likes to be affectionate because im a very affectionate person, and i have lots of love to give, sense of humor is a must,and someone that is wanting a serious relationship no games . someone that is ready to settle down and go for the long trip to a world of memories that we will unfold and be able to think back on and share when we are old and grey. I want to meet the perfect lady-my other half. someone who will let me hold their hand, play with their fingers, Tickle her & make her laugh. Kiss her for no reason. And not only kiss her on the lips, but kiss her on the hands cheek and forehead too. Play with her hair. lets me hold her by the waist. A girl who lets me hug her while standing behind her and rest my head on her shoulder. lets me whisper "I love you" in her ear. Tell her she is beautiful, even when she is in her pajamas. lets me look her in the eyes and smile. lets me tell her i love her at random. lets me sit with her on the couch at home when we dont feel like going out. A girl who will let me risk the world, just to make her happy. Ask her how she's feeling, and knows that i understand when she says that there is something wrong .Dances with me in public. Someone who isn't afraid to sing out loud along with the music just to make me smile. A perfect lady, preferrably from the south. A girl that will let me love her for who she really is , and not try to be something she's not, and agrees that no matter what happens, she'll stick around, just because she loves me.

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