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33 y/o man
From Ekseter, England, Great Britain
Seeking a woman from 18 to 30 years old.
Im a young single guy looking for a woman between 18 and 22. i am an intelligent person that likes to play b, hacky sack, listen to music, watch movies, and play on the internet. Im looking for a woman that i can carry on an intelligent conversation with. someone who is willing to listen to me, and won't judge me. im a very caring person, easy to get along with, and generally well liked, even parents love me lol. im a music lover, if its not on the radio, its in my head 24/7. mostly punk, alternative, hard/clic rock. the ideal girl loves punk music, has black hair and green eyes, is funny, fun to be with, intelligent, and makes me smile all the time. Im an open minded person thats willing to try new things. Im very opinionated and i like to share them with anyone who will listen. i love to debate with people, even if i lose, its good mind excercise. Oh and by the way, if your psycho, I'd rather not talk to you.

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