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57 y/o woman
From Pescara, Abruzzi, Italy
Seeking a man from 43 to 58 years old.
I love to laugh, Spend time with someone special, a comedian at heart lol! I rescue Reptiles. So if you are not a fan its OK it is not a requirement to love them but must not want to make boots out of every one U see! I have a Rottweillelr dog named Thor, he is my baby, I have never been married, and have no kids. and really at this stage of my like I don't want any. Not to say I don't like them I do. Just don't want any of my own. Don't mind if U do. I can help spoil them lol! There are still alot of things I want to do and learn , would like someone to do them and learn them with. I am a very pionate person, and strive to meet my goals want someone that is the same. Communication is a must! And a Good Kisser! lol Well I guess if u have any more questions just ask I am not at all shy. I guess we'll see what happens now!

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