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31 y/o woman
From Turkua, Nor, France
Seeking a man from 25 to 28 years old.
Im just here because Im bored. But I'm a pretty laid back, easy person to get along with, until someone makes me mad...its usually rare but it does tend to happen...I love my cat, she keeps me sane. I dropped out of college a while ago, because of some difficulties, now im just cruisin around in things...looking for a job...normal stuff...I like going out and watching any movie, I'm not to picky in that area....I like a good action movie like any normal person...hmm I have a guitar but I dont know how to play yet..been distracted....Im not to afraid to be my self around people..usually Im shy but warm up pretty quick..sometimes I talk alot....ya know depends on my sugar intake for the day lol...Im always the person that is there to sit and listen..and help...except I usually dont see that in return most times...but I deal with it..hmmmmmm Im also pretty random, it helps throw humor into some situations...mmmmm Im just a pretty normal person..

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