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38 y/o man
From Park City, Kansas, USA
Seeking a woman from 31 to 41 years old.
Hello there ladies my name is Tim, from what I have been told by my friends I am a open minded, laid back, and understanding kind of guy who loves to be outside especially on a nice fall day. Like I explained in my heading I am looking for a lady that is not playing any games I think that I have just enough of that to last me for the rest of my life. Well I suppose since I do not have a pic of myself avalible at the moment what I look like might be also important. I have haisel blue eyes and even though I 27 I get told all the time that I am only 22 (babyface), I am also clean cut and well groomed I am the type of guy that has know problem with being blunt but as kind as possible in which at times is very difficult and yet at the same time not affraid to admit that most of all guys are idoits. So if you want to know more about me just ask. So I am going to end this with a final note something that I will always stand by Treat all ladies like the queens crown and jewels. Look forward to hearing from you ladies out there. Tim

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